8 Year Old Girl Tests HIV Positive After Blood Transfusion

In a shocking incident, an eight-year-old girl in Kerala has been transfused with HIV infected blood. The state government claims they have a confirmation that the child was given infected blood at a government hospital. The child, a thalassemia patient, has undergone numerous blood transfusions over the past seven years.

In a complaint lodged with the health department, her relatives said the girl was being given blood transfusion every fortnight as she had been suffering from thalassaemia. A test done in September 2012 confirmed her HIV positive, they said claiming that the blood transfusion was the cause of her being afflicted with the deadly virus.However, tests conducted on the girl's parents and brother proved negative for HIV, they said, indicating that she had been administered blood of a HIV infected person. The girl is admitted at the hospital.


Farmers and fishermen earn small money for their crops so that world people get cheap food but many prostitutes earn $50,000 per night and many call girls, prostitutes, porn stars and porn actors earn $10,000 per session/ night.

3 Billion people survive on $2 every day. Excellent economics. Some porn stars and prostitutes have highly expensive cars. But 3 billion people walk 10 miles or 20 miles everyday. If Farmers and fishermen revolt then people will starve because they will not be able to buy unimaginable expensive food.

Read this:

One client "dropped a stunning $170,000 for its steamy services," the New York Post reported. Wall Street Prostitution Ring

17 people have been indicted "on charges of running a high-end prostitution ring that catered to Wall Street clients who often spent more than $10,000 in a night," according to Reuters, via Zerohedge. The illegal ring, which is called High Class NY, earned its overseers more than $7 million over a three year period. High Class operated 24 hours a day from Brooklyn, and catered strictly to "high-end customers coming from the financial markets," many of whom were hedge funders. Services cost clients anywhere between $400 to $3,600 an hour, Reuters reported, and clients were reportedly even provided with cocaine.


Shadow of British Woman and Prostitute

Today I saw the shadow of Ruth of man, woman, wild when she was catching a chicken in a building and the shadow looked normal.

That day I saw the shadow on the wall of a naked girl/woman lying on the bed and the shadow looked like a witch.

Richest Woman: Pay $2 Per Day

Gina Rinehart, the world’s richest woman made waves last week when she said the poor should “stop being jealous” and “drink less.” Now the iron-ore mining magnate is back with more helpful information. Rinehart is now suggesting that Australian’s should be willing to work for $2 per day.


My friend said to me that billionaire businessmen reserve entire 5 star hotels for sex parties and they enjoy and people think they are having business meetings.

Where is the world society heading?

Why should farmers grow crops on 10,000 acres of land so that people pay for $50,000 per night to prostitutes and $200 billion for porn whereas farmers earn small money for their crops?
A farmer can feed his family by growing food on 30 acres of land and culitvating 30 acres does not need massive machines.

Farmers must bury porn stars & prostituttes 6 feet under the ground and grow crops on them. The dead bodies will provide nutrition to plants, trees and grass.

Porn stars, prostitutes, sex maniacs must be arrested by USA Army and sent to fight Taliban and Al-qaeda in Afghanistan. Problem solved. Taliban and Al-Aqeda have serious problems with sex industry worldwide, They will bury sex industry forever.

Family Faces Eviction After Son was Found Shoplifting

GRAND JUNCTION, CO - A poor family in Grand Junction, Colo. faces eviction after a 13-year-old boy stole a pair of shoes from a department store. Tanya Abbey, a single mother, says she and her three children face spending Christmas in a homeless shelter after her teen son was caught shoplifting a pair of shoes because his shoes were worn out and his feet were cold. "I don't know what I'm going to do," Abbey told KJCT-TV.

Her son, Oran, said he blames himself for the hard times his family faces. The manager of Garden Village Apartments said the theft violated the family's lease."Any criminal activity on or near the premises is grounds for immediate eviction," the manager said in a statement. Oran said, "I let my mom down, like I let everyone down.


That day a young woman was having an argument with the shopkeeper for 5 cents overcharging. When I arrived there she told me "brother we are hard working people, even 5 cents is important for us. My husband is in hospital nearby"

I offered to pay 5 cents and end the argument. The shopkeeper was completely confused and the argument ended. I walked away.

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